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@JohnnyShoulder Same here, although I'm even less of a fan as I've only seen bits and pieces of a couple of the movies since they were always on TV for a long time and you couldn't really avoid them going through the stations.

While a lot of people have been really looking forward to the game, I've had little interest in it from the start. I did watch one of their early deep dives into the game as I was curious, but that still didn't really do anything for me.

It would have to be Game of the Year material for me to consider jumping into it with so many other games to choose from. I'm trying to tighten things up a bit this year, as I even returned my pre-order for one of my most anticipated games since it ended up being disappointing (Forspoken). @nessisonett That's an issue almost all AAA games have.

I agree though, you wouldn't think it's hard to imagine a different kind of upgrade path for a game set in the HP universe. @KilloWertz I forgot to follow up with you on it, but I see you sent back Forspoken.

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