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Otaku Culture: A Foreigner's Perspective in Japan

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Anime and manga, while a popular medium enjoyed by many, and known for its pop culture presence in Japan, may not be as beloved as one might think. «Enjoy things in moderation» as they say, and it's not a bad thing to have a hobby, but having it as a passion may be too much, at least in Japan.

While passions can lead to obsessions, «otaku culture» is more associated with obsession from the getgo. «Otaku» often refers to someone who has a passion for anime, manga, and video games.

Though «otaku» can refer to other passions (ex: 電車オタク or «Train Otaku»), this will mostly focus on the pop culture aspect of otaku culture.Within Japanese society, this is best kept a secret and any passions can have a negative effect on a person's reputation.

After all, anime is not real and surely collecting figurines and cosplaying is not normal? Children are expected to be excitable — not adults.

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