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Nintendo Brings Pokemon Go To Life With 3D Billboards In Japan

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In celebration of World Cat Day, Nintendo has put up a 3D Pokemon Go billboard around the area outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. "What does Pokemon Go have to do with cats?" I hear you ask.

Well, the 'mons adorning the billboards are all feline-inspired. As reported by Nintendo Life, the billboard will be up from today until September 5, meaning if you live nearby or what to travel to see it, you've got a few weeks.

RELATED: Is Pokemon Go's Latest Addition Finally Helping Rural Players? The main four kitty cat 'mons adorning the billboard are Litten, the Gen 7 Fire-type starter, and three different versions of Meowth - maybe we have too many Meowth...

There's the standard Gen 1 Meowth we all know and love, Gen 7's sassy Alolan Meowth, and Gen 8's W I D E Galarian Meowth. Also making an appearance on the billboard are Espurr, Skitty, and Glameow.

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