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Oranguru Proves Pokémon Trainers Are The Real Monsters

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In Pokémon Sun and Moon, players could find Oranguru hidden in the Lush Jungle located on Alola’s Akala Island.

While on the surface the rare Normal/Psychic-type looks just like any other Pokémon in the Generation 7 Pokédex, the series has actually introduced some interesting information about the Oranguru species that could make players feel bad the next time they try to catch the elusive Pokémon.

Although Oranguru made its debut in the Alola region, the Psychic Pokémon made its second appearance as an exclusive Pokémon in 2019’s Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The stoic orangutan can be found nestled away in the Galar region’s beautiful Glimwood Tangle forest just north of the Stow-on-Side Gym.

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