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One Piece's New Villain is Already a Major Dissapointment

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Warning: contains spoilers for One Piece chapter #1055 The newest villain in One Piece who stands in the path of the Straw Hat Pirates is already a huge disappointment.

The Marine Admiral Aramaki, also known as Ryokugyu (Green Bull), made their debut right after the end of the climatic battle between Luffy and Kaido, trying to hit the Straw Hats and take the head of their captain while they were still recovering.

However, this new, much-anticipated character failed to impress. The Admirals are the most powerful Marines, considered one of the three «Great Powers» of the world due to the military potential that each one possesses.

Ryokugyu was the last Admiral of the «new generation» to make his debut. Until recently, readers only caught a glimpse of his silhouette and knew he was involved in a big battle against Luffy's brother, Sabo and the other Commanders of the Revolutionary Army, but his look and powers were still a mystery.

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