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November month's special Metal Militia challenge in Clash of Clans

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One of the best ways to earn resources, magic items, experience, and other rewards in Clash of Clans is to take part in contests and complete challenges such as Metal Militia and Wizard of Awes.

Every player can participate in these challenges, but to succeed, they must use the fewest troops possible in their multiplayer engagements.The game's latest troop challenge is the "Metal Militia" challenge, which requires players to use a specific number of Pekkas in their army composition and win ten online multiplayer battles to claim rewards like magic potions, resources, gems, and experience.

The Metal Militia challenge in Clash of Clans, the best Pekka attacking techniques, and the event's rewards will all be covered in this article.The Metal Militia challenge, which can be found in the game's Events section, is the most recent troop challenge available.

To complete this challenge and win in multiplayer games, players will have to use Pekkas. The in-game description for the Metal Militia challenge is as follows:The Metal Militia challenge is fairly similar to the Big Hearted and Wizard of Awes challenges, in that it requires players to win ten online multiplayer matches with a particular unit, Pekkas in this case.

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