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November's special Wizard Of Awes challenge in Clash of Clans

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To provide players with more opportunities to win resources like potions, gems, experience, and other items, the developers of Clash of Clans often introduce troop challenges and events in the game.

To fulfill the Clash of Clans troop challenges, players must use a certain unit in online multiplayer engagements.The Wizard of Awes challenge is the latest addition to the in-game troop challenges, and players are required to use a specific number of Wizards in their army composition to complete the challenge.

Participants who finish this challenge by November 23 will be eligible for the awards. This article will discuss the Wizard of Awes challenge and the best attacking tactics that can be used in the battles to complete the challenge.The Wizard of Awes challenge calls for participants to deploy Wizards in multiplayer battles.

The number of wizards that need to be used in the army composition will differ depending on the player's town hall level.The challenge was previously made available by the creators of Clash of Clans three times this year: once in February 2022, once in April 2022, and once in July 2022.The in-game description of November's Wizard of Awes challenge in Clash of Clans is as follows:Players in Town Hall 13 must triumph in 10 multiplayer encounters with an army that has at least eight Wizards to fulfill the challenge.

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