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FIFA 23 FIFA World Cup Challenge Portugal - How to complete, estimated cost, and more

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FIFA World Cup Challenge Portugal is one of the many SBCs in FIFA 23 that's now live for completion. Players can finish these relatively simple challenges to add rewards to their Ultimate Team squads.

More importantly, potential rewards also have the chance to offer a Path to Glory card to the players.SBCs, in general, are the primary source of improvement as far as an Ultimate Team squad is concerned.

Player-item challenges tend to be more attractive due to better rewards, but they also cost more in fodder. Resource-item SBCs are easier and significantly cheaper to complete, which makes them ideal for beginner players.Knowing the conditions will allow FIFA 23 players to estimate the number of coins required to earn the rewards.

By analyzing the costs and the rewards, players can evaluate if the SBC is worth doing in the first place.Resource-item SBCs tend to be cheaper since the conditions of their tasks are simple.

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