New Dead by Daylight developer update explains the Finishing Mori system

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Dead by Daylight is one of the best horror games out there, and that’s largely due to its asynchronous multiplayer design. One player is the killer, while everyone else has to stay away from their deadly grasp, complete tasks, and get out alive.

Memento Mori finishing moves have been a part of the process for a while now, but developer Behaviour Interactive is completely revamping them with a new Finishing Mori system.

You can think of a Memento Mori as a killer’s “ultimate attack,” activated when certain conditions are met during the game. According to the latest developer update, the Mori is “rarely seen” and has “garnered a somewhat negative reputation over the years, being used out of spite against a particular Survivor.” The new Finishing Mori system is meant to both make the move more common and keep it from being used in a spiteful manner.

Here’s how it works: if the killer murders, hooks, or downs every survivor, the Mori will be automatically triggered for the last survivor taken out.

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