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My Hero Academia Just Hinted At Its Most Important Character Death Ever

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MAJOR SPOILERS forMy Hero Academia Chapter 362 ahead. Fans of My Hero Academia have been speculating since the final battle with All for One and his followers began as to which heroes will make it out alive, and which ones are doomed to make the ultimate sacrifice.

After several weeks of hinting at various characters, the first major character death appears to have finally occurred, and the shock of who it is is likely to send more than a few fans reeling.

This final battle has seen the heroes and villains scattered across a wide area into small groups, a tactic used by the heroes to try to gain the upper hand.

It's been fairly effective so far, but with teams consisting of very important characters like Shoto Todoroki or Endeavor alongside more minor characters, each battle has plenty of characters who could be taken out to prove a point.

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