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My Hero Academia Just Set Up Its Second Movie as Official Canon

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Warning: contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 362 and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising! A very specific design choice in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia may be implying that the series' second movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, has secretly been canonical all along.

While film adaptations of manga and anime series are often considered non-canonical to the original story, this trend has begun to change in recent years, most prominently with Demon Slayer: Infinity Train arc and Dragon Ball Super: Broly being announced as canon.

Nevertheless, fans accepted Heroes: Rising was non-canon mostly because the film's climax revolves around something that was thought to be impossible: Deku passes off One For All to Bakugo, only to see it returned to him after the villain's defeat.

An interesting idea to explore, certainly, but it seemed the sort of thing that was far too important not to have come up in the manga if it was canon.

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