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Miyoung gets labeled as a problem by fellow streamers during Valorant livestream

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On stream, Miyoung "Kkatamina" played Valorant with fellow streamers - Chocobars, Natsumiii and Shiphtur. She was messing around with Shiphtur before asking him what was wrong with him.He responded that he had a lot of problems and that he didn't appreciate her bringing it up on stream.

He made a joke referencing the popular Jay-Z song 99 Problems.While playing Valorant with Chocobars, Natsumiii and Shiphtur, Miyoung was labeled a "problem" by Shiphtur.The group had just gotten out of a game they had won, and she was already claiming that they were about to go on a win streak.Shiphtur reciprocated her positive outlook, saying they were definitely going to win a few more games.She started making a strange voice when talking to Shiphtur, leading him to start making the same voice back at her.

The voice was like a baby squealing with intermittent coughing in between words. Eventually, she asked him what was wrong with him.The former League of Legends pro's response got a bit too real.Shiphtur also said that he doesn't appreciate Miyoung bringing his problems up on stream repeatedly.She repeatedly apologized to Shiphtur before using it to set up her next joke at the streamer's expense.

She said that the streamer was toxic.Chocobars chimed in to pile onto Shiphtur, telling him to "get owned."That's when Shiphtur clapped back at her, saying that he has 99 problems and she was a lot of them.

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