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Minecraft Player Recreates Chinatown from Batman: Arkham Knight's Bleake Island

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When discussing the most influential superhero video game franchises to have spawned in recent years, Rocksteady's Batman Arkham series is certain to be mentioned by gamers and critics alike.

Starting in 2009 withArkham Asylumall the way up to 2015's Arkham Knight, each installment in the series was often met with critical acclaim for nearly every aspect.

But as well as the characters, gameplay, and story, one of the biggest highlights has to be the iconic locations each game is set in.

Now, one skilled gamer has recreated one legendary area from Arkham Knight, showing what it would look like in the blocky world of Minecraft.For the uninitiated, while Minecraft mainly features modes where the primary goal is to survive against the odds, those feeling a little inspired can hop over to the Creative mode to make some impressive Minecraft building designs.

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