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Minecraft Fan Recreates Launcher Wallpaper In-Game

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Let it never be said that a game's opening screen can't be just as integral as the story contained within it. There are some iconic video game start screens that have come about over the decades, such as the one from Super Mario 64 or Skyrim, to use a more contemporary example.

That first image that gives the option to launch a game or go into the options can help give some insight into what's in store for players. Minecraft is no exception to this, and one person has recreated the game's current launcher screen.Reddit user RealGeeBao has decided to take the very first thing that fans see when they boot up Mojang's open-world sandbox title and see if they can make it in the game itself.

The result is pretty impressive, and while it's not really a complicated structure to recreate, a screenshot from their game shows that it does resemble that first screen.

In fact, they've even uploaded an image of the official Minecraft launcher so people can compare the two. They've also shared a screenshot of the game that tries to depict the correct time of day used on the launcher in an attempt to get the lighting right.Minecraft Fan Shows Adorable Family Portrait Created in The Game’s StylePeople in the comments have been leaving compliments for the user, and there have even been some suggestions on how to make it look more authentic, such as increasing the game's FOV.

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