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Pokemon Fan Recreates Cyndaquil as Electric-Type

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A Pokemon's type is a defining aspect of its design. Every pocket monster introduced since the first Generation of Pokemon has a typing which informs how Game Freak goes about designing them.

From the flame lit tail of Charizard to the leafy tree of Torterra, a Pokemon's type plays a pivotal role in how they're crafted for the Pokemon games.Bearing this in mind, one would assume that altering a one or both of a Pokemon's types will change several aspects of its design.

This is where the limitless potential of fan art comes in. Some of these artists have taken on the task of redesigning classic Pokemon with a new typing twist.

A Vulpix with the poison-type or a ground-type Gyarados are simply some of the creative concepts produced by Pokemon fans.RELATED: Pokemon Fans Are Arguing About Which Pokemon Should Be Different TypesA user on Reddit by the name of GeekySAgirl created an electric type concept for the Johto starter Cyndaquil.

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