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Pokemon Fan Makes Silver Pendant Based on Sabrina's Gengar

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Every Pokemon generation always introduces a new batch of gym leaders that Pokemon trainers have to fight to earn their badges.

The first set that players ever had to face were the Kanto region gym leaders, likely placing these characters in a nostalgic spot within the hearts of long-time Pokemon video game fans.

This is likely why The Pokemon Company has made Pokemon TCG cards that feature these gym leaders and their Pokemon.Now, a fan has created an exquisite silver pendant designed after Sabrina's Gengar card.Though Saffron gym leader Sabrina has made appearances in many Pokemon video games throughout the years, her Gengar seems to only show up in the Pokemon TCG Gym Heroesexpansion.

In the Pokemon animated series, Sabrina was gifted a Haunter by Ash Ketchum but no future updates about the Pokemon evolving into Gengar was covered in the series.

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