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Marvel Should Cast Brendan Fraser In A Future Project

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The battle between Marvel and DC isn't as nasty as a lot of corporate rivalries, but there's still some hardcore conflict between the more dedicated fans.

If Marvel wanted to strike a blow against their competition and add a beloved and respected talent to their universe, look no further than Brendan Fraser.Brendan Fraser is simultaneously a respected actor with a long history of great performances and an internet darling beloved by many on a personal level.

The career renaissance he's currently enjoying has been heartwarming, not just to his many fans, but to the actor himself, and there's still room to grow.Michael Keaton And Brendan Fraser Open Up About Batgirl CancelationAs most people know by now, Warner Bros.

has unceremoniously canned their Batgirl film, sparking immense confusion and cultural backlash. The film was more or less finished, it had a substantial amount of hype behind it, several huge names lit up the cast, and it depicted a character that has a strong fanbase in the comics.

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