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Marvel Comics Shows The MCU What New Asgard SHOULD Be

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2 Loki and Marvel Comics are showing the MCU what New Asgard should be.

Featured in the latest issue of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, Miguel O'Hara's Spider-Man is assembling allies in the future to help him fight the original Green Goblin and his Cabal of villains.

As such, Spider-Man learns about Loki and his status in the year 2099, a surviving god who created a brand new version of Asgard that's far more dynamic than the one seen on-screen.

In the first issue of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus from Steve Orlando and Marco Castiello, the body of a Celestial fell to Earth which created a garden of immense power ripe for the taking.

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