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Marvel Characters That Need A Standalone Video Game by Motive

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Marvel has partnered with EA's Motive Studio, the developer behind the upcoming Dead Space remake, Star Wars: Squadrons, and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

This new partnership was revealed alongside the two Marvel heroes that will get their own standalone single-player games: Iron Man and Black Panther, with Motive Studio developing the former.

With Motive Studio promising that more games and heroes will follow in future titles after Iron Man, fans are wondering which heroes will appear in video games going forward.With so many great characters to pick from, the potential is nearly limitless, and fans worldwide will eagerly await more news in the hopes of playing as their favorite heroes.

While it is unlikely that Motive will develop a Spider-Man or Wolverine game with both of those characters currently linked to Insomniac Games, there are many other fan favorites for the developer to select.RELATED: Iron Man's Features Could Take A Lot After the Dead Space RemakeThe first ever superhero team created by the legendary comic duo, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Fantastic Four grew into one of the most popular groups in Marvel Comics.

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