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Long-requested Skullgirls character Marie announced for 2023

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After 10 years since Skullgirls’ launch, the game’s main antagonist Marie will finally be a playable character in 2023, developer Hidden Variable Studios announced on Friday.

During EVO 2022, the developer dropped a teaser confirming the character would fill the last roster spot on Skullgirls 2nd Encore’s Season 1 Pass, and added that she would also come to Skullgirls Mobile.

The teaser itself didn’t feature any footage of the character in action, but it did depict Marie talking with her close friend Peacock — referred to as Patricia.

In the 10 years since Skullgirls’ launch, Marie has been a highly-requested character, both for gameplay and story reasons. Skullgirls’ developers have previously stated that in order for the game’s canon story to be told, Umbrella, Black Dahlia, and Marie would need to be playable.

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