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Lightyear: What Emperor Zurg Looks Like Without His Helmet

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Emperor Zurg will reappear in Lightyear as Buzz's archenemy, but what the Toy Story villain looks like under his helmet has long been the subject of speculation.

Zurg was first mentioned in Toy Story but doesn't physically appear until Toy Story 2. His most memorable moment comes when the movie parodies The Empire Strikes Back as, like Darth Vader does to Luke Skywalker, Zurg reveals he is Buzz's father.

The similarities that Emperor Zurg shares with Darth Vader do not stop there, as his appearance is clearly a purple take on the Dark Lord's iconic look.

Zurg and Vader both wear classic, villainous capes, and have helmets with red-eye lenses and a prominent, triangular mouth grill.

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