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Lexi Underwood Interview: Sneakerella

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The latest Cinderella remake, Sneakerella, premiered on Disney+ today and is sure to delight audiences everywhere.

The modern-day adaptation of the classic princess story not only comes prepared with all-new songs that translate to a life in the Big Apple, it also reverses the genders of its lead characters.

Ella is now El, played by Chosen Jacobs (from the It franchise), while Prince Charming is now Kira King (Lexi Underwood, Little Fires Everywhere), heir to a vast shoe empire.

Of course, King shoes are sneakers rather than glass slippers, hence the new title of the musical. But Kira is inspired enough by El's passion for sneaker design that she negotiates on his behalf in front of her father (played by former NBA champion John Salley).

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