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"Let a tier 1 team buy it out" - Prominent personalities respond to Disguised Toast asking "how esports organizations make money"

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Disguised Toast’s DSG Valorant team recently made waves by making their way into the esports competitive scene. However, one question was on the Twitch streamer’s mind: How do esports organizations make money?

He posed the question in a comical fashion on Twitter.This led to a wide variety of responses from prominent members of the esports and streaming world, varying from useful to hilarious.

One responder was well-known YouTuber Ludwig. He offered several options, but one included simply being incredible and then selling out to a higher-tier organization:Ludwig’s other responses were solid suggestions for Disguised Toast.

He suggested following the path set by other organizations. One was to create a useful product like Panda did. Panda Gaming was incredibly successful until certain controversies caused its downfall.While one user disputed these suggestions by claiming they won't work independently, the YouTuber clarified that a prudent combination of these strategies would be enough.

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