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How will wand customization work in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Hogwarts Legacy's release is closing in, and fans are getting antsy to learn all they can about this RPG adaptation of the beloved franchise.

The title is shaping up to be a faithful recreation in terms of its thematic locations, spells, and other gameplay mechanics.Fans are inquisitive about how the wands will look and wondering if a personal touch can be added.

Over several official gameplay reveals, players with keen eyes spotted fleeting glimpses of the Ollivander's shop. So, there's a wave of anticipation among Potterheads to learn more about customizing this item.Hogwarts Legacy aims to stick with the source material, so one can expect to acquire their wands from Ollivander's store.

Based on multiple trailers and gameplay showcases, it is safe to say that there will be customization to a certain extent. The many occurrences of clips focused on these items allude to the presence of several types.A way eager fans can obtain a wand is by participating in a quiz on the website Wizarding World, where players can create an account and pass the quiz.

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