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Jeopardy Host Makes Surprise Waluigi Joke

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A clip of Jeopardy! is going viral after the host takes advantage of one of the contestant's names, making an unexpected joke about Nintendo character Waluigi.

While the opportunity can be viewed as somewhat of a «low-hanging fruit,» the video game joke is sure to make anyone familiar with Nintendo crack a smile.First introduced in 2000's Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, Waluigi is nearly always teamed up with Wario, acting as an equivalent foil to Luigi.

There are many interesting facts about Waluigi, with the character gaining immense online popularity in recent years despite never being in any of the mainline Super Mario titles, only spin-off games.Hilarious Pokemon Fan Art Combines Lugia and WaluigiPosted by the official Jeopardy!

Twitter account, the short, 11-second video, dubbed with the caption of «Wha ha ha!» shows the three contestants of an episode: Emmett, Melissa, and Luigi.

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