It's About Time for a New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

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Ever since its leaked reveal way back when, Hogwarts Legacy has been an incredibly exciting game for fans to speculate upon and anticipate.

Because it belongs to a popular IP with nostalgic iconography, there are many features fans expect to be reprised while there are also surely many surprises fans will not expect due to its unwritten 1800s setting.

But while quite a bit of Hogwarts Legacy has been shown now since its official announcement, there have not actually been many individual showcases or trailers for the game itself.Posts online have intermittently shared atmospheric looks at Hogwarts Legacy’s castle grounds and other scenic regions that players will be able to explore in their leisure.

Likewise, quick moments of footage have demonstrated improvements in physics. These are only brief glimpses into Hogwarts Legacy’s wizarding world, however, and as the game’s scheduled release window draws nearer, it would be great to see another big marketing release with a new showcase or trailer, and preferably sooner than later.Hogwarts Legacy Offers New Look at Hufflepuff Common RoomThe only considerable showcase that Hogwarts Legacy has revealed thus far was its dedicated State of Play presentation, which ran for roughly 15 minutes and informed players of the myriad activities they will be able to enjoy throughout the game.

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