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Is A Pet Sematary Prequel Necessary?

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All of Stephen King's stories are unforgettable, as the beloved author has a real knack for crafting chilling tales about relatable people who are stuck in out-of-this-world situations.

One of the most well-known Stephen King books is Pet Sematary, and after the book was published in 1983, King wrote the screenplay for the 1989 film adaptation.After a remake was released in 2019, news came out that there would be a Pet Sematary prequel.

While fans are always happy to see a new movie based on a book by King, since there is such a rich catalogue of material to draw from, is adding another film to this world necessary?

While the story of the Creed family finding that pets can come back from the dead is smart and freaky, a prequel focusing on a young Jud Crandall might not need to happen.Stephen King: 5 Major Changes Movies Made To His BooksWhile the 1989 Pet Sematary is the most terrifying Stephen King movie, there are some problems with the 2019 Pet Sematary sequel, which makes it hard to know how good the prequel film will be.

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