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Insane Portal Speedrunner Sets New World Record

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There are those in the gaming community who enjoy challenging themselves, often by attempting to speed through a game as fast as they can.

Oftentimes this is done with goodness in-mind. With Summer Games Done Quick raising more than $3 million last month, speedrunning is very much alive and well.

There are so many titles to choose from when it comes to doing a run. One of these is Valve's 2007 puzzle masterpiece Portal, and while it's already a pretty short game, there are those who can speed through it insanely fast.Take runner Ethan29, who not long ago was able to achieve a new speedrunning world record in Portal, by getting to the end in less than six minutes, with the actual time being down as 5:55:320.

That is an eye watering achievement, beating the number two spot by just milliseconds. The category they ran for this is «out of bounds.» This means that runners can find ways to break through the physical attributes of a game's world, such as walls and floors, in order to shave off precious frames.

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