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“I don’t feel good” - EsfandTV claims Camp Knut diet is making him sick

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Twitch personality EsfandTV, also known as Esfand, spoke about his experience working out at Camp Knut and claimed that the diet assigned to him was making him sick.Before embarking on the 18th day of Camp Knut for an intense chest day regime, EsfandTV took to his Twitch channel to talk about his experience working out at the streamer fitness camp and playing Super Mario 64 with fellow Twitch content creator Bonnie.Esfand stated that he had lost 10 pounds working out at the gym, however, the strict diet assigned to him was making him sick.

He said:The One True King (OTK) co-founder hosted a three-hour-long stream earlier today, and at the 28-minute mark, the streamer read out a message posted by a fan, suggesting he use a diet tracking application called MacroFactor.The conversation then shifted to Esfand talking about him losing 10 pounds while attending Camp Knut and mentioning how his body had reacted to the diet.

He stated that he had vomited six times ever since the streamer fitness camp commenced:Timestamp: 00:28:48After reading out loud some fan comments lauding his looks, EsfandTV stated that Wake Wilder and Knut suggested he add more calories to his diet:Some fans grabbed the opportunity to make some jestful comments by asking if he knew some good plumbers due to his situation:Following this, EsfandTV went on to reveal that Hafþór "The Mountain" Björnsson would fly out to Austin, Texas, after the latter reached 200k followers on his Twitch channel.More than 90 fans reacted to the streamer's clip in the YouTube comments section, here's a snippet of some of the most relevant fan comments:Some viewers provided an in-depth explanation of what was going on in the streamer's body, while others suggested that EsfandTV

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