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How to reduce fear in Evil Dead: The Game

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Evil Dead: The Game was just recently released on Friday the 13th and has fans super excited to get in and face off against the Kandarian Demon.

However, as an asymmetrical survival horror game, there is going to be a certain element of fear that will affect players. Not only can the game scare the person playing it in real life, but the players in-game can be affected by the fear effect on screen as well.Fear is shown to players as a bar that is located underneath their health bar.

When the gauge gets too high, a few effects take hold. The first is that players will alert the Kandarian Demon of their location, which in itself is quite bad.

But the next effect is even worse. Players with maximum fear can be possessed by the demon and be made to attack their own teammates with devastating results.When fear builds up in a player, it can quickly begin to cause problems.

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