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How to get Midlander Billets to craft Sumeru weapons in Genshin Impact?

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There are two main ways to get Midlander Billets as of Genshin Impact 3.0. The first and most popular method involves converting Northlander Billets into them.

Second, you can also get them from Vanarana's Favor in the Tree of Dreams.The average Genshin Impact player is most likely going to farm Northlander Billets and convert them into Midlander Billets to craft Sumeru's unique weapons:This guide will presume that you already have the Diagrams for those weapons, which are otherwise obtainable from Aravinay.

Each Diagram costs one 'Stories of You and the Aranara'.Refining craftable weapons requires the player to create at least five of the same item.

For example, a player who wishes to max out a Sapwood Blade would need five Midlander Billets to craft it several times. Obtaining the Billets is easier said than done.All Midlander Billets can be forged by converting:The primary way to get Dream Solvents is to clear Weekly Bosses.

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