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How to find the Heart of Sceptrum Secret Door in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has much to offer in terms of content. Players have miles of land to run around in, fight enemies, and find secrets.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg: there is sailing, too.Where there is sailing, there are other continents to land on, in addition to small islands with fun quests to complete.

Turtle Island is a great example.Gamers will eventually come across the continent of Arthetine and may find their way to the Heart of Sceptrum, one of the many dungeons in the game.To find the Heart of Sceptrum, players will need to complete a few prerequisites:These prerequisites are fulfilled by simply playing Lost Ark; they are both a part of the main story, though “Finding the Arks” is a late-game task and is not available until much later in the story.

As you progress through “Finding the Arks,” you will land on Arthetine, one of several continents in Lost Ark.On the continent of Arthetine, you will also reach Nebelhorn.

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