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How to play with friends from across servers in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has a pretty unique way for fans to connect with each other, albeit a bit complicated.While players in the Korean region have known about this game since 2019, American and European gamers have finally been able to experience this expansive MMORPG only recently.

This has certainly been one of the most popular releases in recent history, and gamers worldwide are trying to play with each other.

As of now, though, there is a limit as to what Lost Ark players can do with each other across servers.The main reason why gamers are having trouble connecting across servers is that they can’t add each other to their friendlists.

This is because each character's name is made exclusive to that server and that server alone.Basically, this means that there are “some” things that friends can do across servers, but they can’t do “all” things.These are all of the game modes that can be played by gamers across servers:Most other game modes, such as Open World and Arena Premade, won’t be available to friends across servers.Many are then wondering, since they can’t add friends from other servers to their friends list, how do they even play with each other?

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