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How to customize the captain's quarters in Sea of Thieves

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Players can name their ship, become the captain and decorate it to their liking in Sea of Thieves.While cosmetics can be added to the exterior of a ship, one often overlooks the amount of customization that can be done in the captain's quarters.

Suffice to say, there are a lot of decorations that can be added.A few different ships of varying sizes can be purchased and captained in Sea of Thieves.

Regardless of the size, each comes with captain's quarters that can be customized with decorations earned from the Shipwright or Milestones.First and foremost, players need to become a captain in the Season 7 update.

This is done by purchasing a ship, giving it a name and setting sail with that ship. This will allow the owner to be the captain and unlock many new features.The different ships are the Sloop, the Brig and the Galleon, with all of them varying in size.

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