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How PS Plus Premium is better than Game Pass (and how it isn’t) – Reader’s Feature

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A reader compares Game Pass to the revamped PS Plus and finds that they both have their advantages depending on your situation.The other day I upgraded my basic PlayStation Plus subscription to the Premium service for an extra £23 until the end of the year, which I didn’t think was all bad value.I’ve played many of the games already or had access to them via the PlayStation 4 classic catalogue available to PlayStation 5 owners.

However, I did want to give Ghost Of Tsushima a go, along with Demon’s Souls and Returnal. If I like and finish them, great, if not I’ve not spent much money compared with buying them new or second-hand.I think some of the concerns people have with PS Plus are more valid than others.

I’m not sure the Premium service is worth it over PS Plus Extra. Being a fan of the Batman: Arkham series and yet to play Arkham Origins, I thought I’d catch up.

I also wanted to try Ico. But having to stream these games rather than download them is a bit of a pain. I have a decent broadband connection so should be OK but still, it can have the occasional wobble.I do also think the comparisons with Game Pass are a bit unfair.

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