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How Nilah's League of Legends lore is connected Indian mythology of Ramayana

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League of Legends officially introduced Nilah, The Unbound Joy, to Summoner’s Rift, on June 22. Lore Maniacs would be thrilled to learn that Nilah's character draws inspiration from the ancient Indian epic, Ramayana.Since the release of Nilah's first look at League of Legends, fans started speculating that the melee bot laner's name and attire were inspired by Indian culture.

Another reason was that she was donning a saree and her appearance is generally South Indian.It was also evident that her bright blue weapon must also be an ancient Indian sword.

In a Reddit post a few days ago, Riot's Lead Gameplay Producer Ryan "Reav3" Mireles confirmed that Nilah’s weapon is an Urumi, a historic South-Indian whip sword.Nilah's League of Legends lore suggests that she originates from Kathkan, a country in Southeast Asia.

The country's location and description of dazzling colors, rich history, and ancient myths point explicitly to the real-world Indian subcontinent.Once Nilah was officially revealed in League of Legends on June 22, Riot's Principal Narrative Writer, Jared 'Carnival Knights' Rosen, mentioned in an insightful blog that her character drew inspiration from the ancient Indian mythological epic, Ramayana.Nilah in League of Legends is an epic, monster-slaying champion who, according to lore, is turning out to be a legend in her own right.Interestingly, "Nila," or the Blue Monkey, happens to be an important character from the original story of Ramayana.

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