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How much does FIFA 23 cost? Available editions, prices, and more

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FIFA 23 is releasing worldwide on September 30 across all major platforms, and it's the last week of pre-orders for enthusiasts.

EA Sports are making major changes to features that could interest new players and veterans of the series alike. The game will be costly, especially if someone goes for the premium Ultimate Edition.Like previous years, EA Sports has followed the dual model with FIFA 23, whereby fans can avail of two different editions.

While one is cheaper, the pricier option comes with certain advantages. This can often leave buyers in a dilemma over which one to get and how much to spend.Thankfully, EA Sports has clarified all the required information before the buyer decides to get the game.

The title's available at all major outlets, including the Epic Games Store, where it makes its debut this year. Here is all the important information enthusiasts will require before making the purchase.The cost of FIFA 23 will ultimately depend on which edition a gamer is going for.

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