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How Hyrule Manifests in Every Legend of Zelda Game

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While there are plenty of iconic settings in gaming, few are quite as memorable as Hyrule. The primary location of the esteemed The Legend of Zelda series, it's the home to countless races, fascinating architecture, and gorgeous scenery.

Weaved into its landscape are so many engaging characters and plenty of narrative potential. Since the franchise shows no signs of stopping, it's likely that Hyrule will be at the center of most of Link's adventures to come.

From the grandness of Hyrule Castle to the tranquility of Lake Hylia, it's been a mainstay for years.Of course, with the advancements in hardware technology and the refining of art direction over time, it's obvious that not every incarnation of Hyrule looks the same.

While some have subtle differences, others are almost unrecognizable. It's a land that's in a constant state of change. The Legend of Zelda has been going for 36 years, and as both the first and most recent games take place in the same area, it's clear that each entry in the series has something new to offer the Hyrule landscape.Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Has Good Reason to Introduce a New Magic SystemThe Legend of Zelda: The one that started it all, The Legend of Zelda was held back by its hardware, releasing on the NES in 1986.

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