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"How does Nintendo keep getting away with this?!" - Disguised Toast critiques Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Twitch streamer Jeremy "Disguised Toast" traversed through the first open-world RPGs in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by Game Freak on November 20.While progressing through the adventure, Disguised Toast noticed some animations that seemed to break the immersion.

He was taken aback by the low framerate and called out the developers for reusing it multiple times.The OfflineTV member took the opportunity to critique the game and shared his opinions by saying:On November 20, Jeremy dedicated a livestream to playing Pokemon Scarlet.

At the 1:53 mark, he arrived in an in-game classroom with several characters reusing low-framerate animations. This astounded the streamer as he exclaimed:He wondered how Nintendo "kept getting away" with releasing "technically terrible" games.Timestamp: 01:53:07The Heartstone enthusiast was curious about the pre-order statistics for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.When Disguised Toast saw that the games were "breaking sales records," he opined that the Pokemon game developers put "zero effort" into optimizing the game:Disguised Toast compared Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and remarked:Jeremy noticed another instance of animation with a low framerate being used five minutes later.

He speculated on what was going on in the game, saying:The discussion concluded with Disguised Toast claiming that the hardware in the Nintendo Switch is not that weak:The YouTube comments section featured a handful of fan reactions.

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