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Honkai Impact 3rd V5.9 update: New Battlesuit, Story Quest, Events, and more

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Honkai Impact 3rd, a game developed by the same developer of Genshin Impact 'HoYoverse,' will have an update on August 11. The next update will lead the game to version 5.9, featuring a steampunk style with a new battlesuit to go with it.The main character for the next version will be Vill-V, who is infamous for having eight personalities in one body.

With a crazy and chaotic nature, she can perform a magical show to enemies with her turrets and chariots that deal devastating damage with smashing firepower.The Hyperion in Honkai Impact 3rd will become a lot livelier with the addition of a new character, Vill-V.

Her body alone brings along eight different personalities, each with different tempers, facial expressions, and voices. She can be the Scholar, the Expert, the Great Magician, and many more characters.Vill-V is also an engineer who settles only for perfection for her creations, carrying the confidence and willpower that exceeds humanity.

In battle, the new S-rank battlesuit Vill-V fights alongside her turrets and chariots while making incredible in-air moves on the battleground, adding her personal flare to the 'magic show.'Since Mei discovered the 13th Herrscher's secret in the previous chapter, the Elysian Realm plot has been nonstop exciting.

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