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Hollow Knight: Where To Find Every Map

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For a kingdom full of insects, Hollow Knight has a surprisingly large space for players to explore. As players progress, they will uncover more areas of Hallownest that contain increasing levels of challenge.

Hollow Knight players will also encounter a number of NPCs along their journey whom they can interact with.Among these characters is a vendor named Cornifer, one of the first friendly faces that the player can meet after jumping down the well in Dirtmouth.

He is a cartographer and can be found in each main area of Hallownest where players can buy a map from him. Cornifer’s location is signaled to players by his humming and, as they get closer to him, a literal paper trail leading to the mapmaker.If players find Cornifer but don’t purchase a map before moving on to the next area, the NPC will leave behind a card to direct players back to Dirtmouth where they can buy his maps, alongside other markers, from Iselda.

To save time traveling back and forth, here is where players can find Cornifer in each area of Hallownest.Hollow Knight: All Whispering Root LocationsThere are two ways to enter the Ancient Basin: either by taking the southernmost Tram between Deepnest and Kingdom’s Edge, or traveling down through the Royal Waterways.

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