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Guilty Gear Strive roadmap ahead includes crossplay beta and more characters

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Evo 2022 is officially underway, and Arc System Works took the stage today to discuss Guilty Gear. The company laid out its plans for the near future of Guilty Gear Strive in a roadmap, including new content and a test of some crossplay functionality.

In a panel today, Arc System Works talked a bit about the past of Guilty Gear, leading up to Strive and on to modern day. After answering some questions and sharing some concept art, the team showed off a graphic, detailing what’s to come for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

In Summer 2022, a new character and additional character color are planned. Arc System Works is also looking to address some specific platform concerns.

For PlayStation 5 players, that means reducing the input delay. And for Steam fighters, it’s reducing the connection time for initial server connections.

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