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GTA player takes peyote, hallucinates their own version of GTA 6

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A Grand Theft Auto fan and recreational drug user is taking a bunch of peyote and hallucinating their own version of GTA 6. This is in no way related to the recent GTA 6 leaks or the subsequent not guilty plea from the recently arrested teen.

This is just some good, not-so-clean fun from a very, um, dedicated GTA fan. Reddit user ChurchofGTA has been keeping members of r/GTA6 (opens in new tab) abreast of their endeavors for months now, starting with a lengthy post titled 'A vision of GTA 6' (opens in new tab) earlier in the year.

The post begins with the author claiming they "took Rockstar's advice and took peyote for every day for seven days (starting on Sunday), and a portal opened up where I was able to access Gaia’s collective consciousness and view a version of GTA 6." It continues with a lengthy description of what they allegedly saw, which is "the first 22 missions before the gateway closed."  Peyote is a small cactus that contains a chemical called mescaline, which causes hallucinations.

It is traditionally used in Native American religious ceremonies but is illegal to possess otherwise. GamesRadar can find no such evidence of Rockstar ever advising players to take peyote, let alone do it for an entire week straight.

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