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Gotham Knights Has Weird Co-Op Feature

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When Gotham Knights finally arrives on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this fall, the ability for players to fight crime together using the four main characters will be a big draw.

However, it turns out there's a bit of a wrinkle regarding how Gotham Knights' cooperative multiplayer mode will work.The ability to play as Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, or Robin has long been one of the critical features of the game.

The Warner Bros. Montreal team that is putting it together has plenty of experience working on Batman games, so fans of those titles are looking forward to a slightly different feel considering this title will focus on the Dark Knight's sidekicks.

Those Batman games were all single-player, while this game also allows for users to team up with as many as three other users to clean the streets of Gotham.Gotham Knights Devs Clarify That They Are Not Associated With The CW ShowIn an interview with Game Informer, Director Geoff Ellenor shed some light on the lack of limitations when it comes to Gotham Knights' multiplayer functions.

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