Genshin Impact: The Best Team Compositions For Noelle

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Unless Genshin Impact players didn't pull on the Beginner Banner, it's practically impossible for them not to have Noelle.

She'll be the first shielder players have in the game, and possibly the first healer too. In Genshin Impact, Noelle can fill several roles, earning her the title of «jack of all trades.»Unfortunately, however, in return for her flexibility, Noelle is cursed with the inability to excel at any one particular thing.

As a shielder or a healer, Noelle is highly limited, and, sadly, she can be quite underwhelming as a DPS too. All that being said, when used correctly and with the right team around her, Noelle can still be useful.Genshin Impact: Claymore Weapon Tier ListAll four characters rely on their DEF and Geo DMG, which makes Gorou the star of this team composition since he can grow all of their abilities and take it to the next level.

Gorou increases his allies’ DEF, Geo DMG, and Geo Crit DMG stats. Much like Albedo, Noelle could be considered an underrated Sub-DPS in Genshin Impact that will significantly benefit from Gorou’s buff to passively inflict massive Geo DMG.Genshin Impact: The Best Team Compositions to Pair with GorouUsually, when Noelle uses her Elemental Burst, she relies on her Charged attacks since it’s buffed by her Constellations.

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