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Genshin Impact player manages to 36 star Spiral Abyss in just 16 days

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One Genshin Impact player managed to fully complete the anime RPG‘s Spiral Abyss challenge with 36 stars after playing for just 16 days on a new account.

Earning all 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss is an accomplishment that many high Adventure Rank players are still striving for after playing for nearly two years, so to manage this in only 16 days is incredible.

A Chinese player named Lugufan (陆孤凡) is the one who pulled this off, and a recent Reddit thread contains some translations and details of the impressive run, including their grinding methods, team comps, pulls, and more.

Even though everything took place within a short 16 days, Lugufan spent many hours exploring nearly 100% of the map and unlocking 450 Achievements to earn about 37,000 Primogems for Wishes.

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