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Genshin Impact fan redesigns characters based on weapon themes

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Genshin Impact's community is full of amazing artists who contribute unique fan designs and fan art. An artist, who goes by the username u/paperstraws_ on Reddit, has redesigned characters based on the palettes of some of the game's strongest artifacts and signature weapons.Their art features some of the game's most popular characters, like Keqing, Razor, Noelle, and more.

It provides a fresh take on much of the game's cast, and some of the characters look incredible with a new color palette.Players can see more of these Genshin Impact character recolors below, and choose their favorites from the massive collection.Genshin Impact fan u/paperstraws_ has created some incredible character redesigns for the game's cast based on some of their best weapon choices and artifact sets.Players can see designs like a Jade Cutter colored Keqing complete with green hair and eyes, or a Whiteblind themed Noelle with shades of blue and gray throughout her design.

Some of these go one step further and even include the character's weapon in the art itself.Redesigns like Polar Star Childe and Wolf's Gravestone Razor show off the potential of these unique character designs.

Childe looks incredible with the white and blue design to match the Polar Star's Snezhnayan origins.Razor, by contrast, is dyed in deep crimson and black to match the massive greatsword he wields in battle.

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