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Genshin Impact Leak Hints At Version 3.0 File Size

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A new Genshin Impact major update is just around the corner which means that players can expect a significant map extension in the foreseeable future.

The game has officially confirmed that after Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma, players will have the option to explore a new major region named Sumeru.A popular Gesnhin Impact leaker named naevis gives more information about the upcoming update claiming that the current file size for the 3.0 beta is around 43.3GB.

However, it should be noted that the size does not include any voice lines.Genshin Impact Fan Creates Real-life VisionsThe current 2.8 English voice pack is almost 8GB which means that the whole game file for Genshin Impact update 3.0 could be around 50GB.

There is still no information about the file size for mobile devices. The game file without voice packs at the moment is around 30GB and the main reason behind such a drastic increase in file size is the fact that Version 3.0 will introduce a new major region named Sumeru.

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