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GameStop Was Selling NFTs Of Indie Games Without Permission

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It's been a weird couple of years for GameStop, hasn't it? 2021 saw the company incur massive losses and resultant layoffs, then came the infamous GameStop stock fiasco, after which Reggie Fils-Aime joined the board to try and stabilize things, he then left on bad terms, and then the company decided to get into NFTs.

If this sounds like a season of a Spanish soap opera, hold on, because the next arc is just about to begin. It turns out that GameStop's NFT marketplace was also used to sell indie games without permission.

As reported by Ars Technica, somebody named Nathan Ello used the marketplace to launch the NiFTy Arcade collection, earning 8.4 ETH in initial sales – that's about $14,000.

However, as with most things regarding NFTs, it turned out that Ello did not have authorization to use two games from the collection, and a further three more are under suspicion.

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