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Games Inbox: Rating The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, Overwatch 2 decline, and Far Cry 6 GOTY price

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The Friday letters page has more recommendation for getting the most out of Microsoft Rewards, as one reader sticks up for Splatoon 3.To join in with the discussions yourself email trailer, bro So um… I just watched The Super Mario Bros.

Movie trailer and it was… quite good? There was nothing super funny (I’m not sure what the joke with the mushroom was even supposed to be) but it looked great, didn’t seem to be embarrassed of its origins and the voices were fine.

I’d prefer if Mario was Italian but there was a bit of a twang in there, I felt, and I could imagine a lot, lot worse (sorry, Bob Hoskins).I actually thought the best bit was Luigi at the end, that looked really good and, again, just like the games.

Could almost have been a teaser for Luigi’s Mansion 4 (where is that game, anyway?!).So yeah, it’s looking pretty good. I’ve no idea if it’ll be a hit or not but I’d take the family to go see it, whether they want to or not!

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